Chen YongQiang 陈永锵

Chen YongQiang artist photoChen YongQiang 陈永锵
Born 1948, Guangzhou, China

• 1981 School of the Chinese Painting
Department of the Guangzhou
Academy of Fine Arts with a master
degree in literature

Chen Yongqiang is currently the vice president of the Chinese Painting Society, the president of the Guangdong Chinese Painting Society, the art creation researcher of the China Academy of Art, the researcher of the Chinese National Academy of Painting, the honorary curator of the Lingnan Painting Academy, the visiting professor of the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. He is the national first class artist.

Since 1973, his works have been selected into national art exhibitions, and he has held solo exhibitions at home and abroad for more than 70 times. The representative works are included in the Complete Works of Chinese Contemporary Art. There are 29 albums published by People’s Fine Arts Publishing House and Lingnan Fine Arts Publishing House. There are four collections and two collections of poems. His artworks are in the collection of the National Art Museum of China, Zhejiang Art Museum, Shanghai Art Museum, Heilongjiang Art Museum, Shanxi History Museum, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou Art Museum, Shenzhen Guanshanyue Art Museum and the State Council Office, the Great Hall of the People, Zhongnanhai, Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, Guangzhou Baiyun International Conference Center, Guangzhou National Archives, etc.