Erja Kärkkäinen

Finland Erja_Kärkkäinen photo

Born 1957, Finland
Education: 2015 University of Lapland : Visual Art
Erja Kärkkäinen is a theatre director and visual artist from Lapland, Finland. Nowadays she lives
in Oulu. Kärkkäinen is a multidisciplinary artist who has worked over 30 years with theatre and literary
art in different groups and independently. She has worked as a script writer, director, performer and theatre teacher.
Kärkkäinen has studied visual arts at the University of Lapland since the beginning of 2010. Since then she has made also projects in visual arts, by using her experience in theatre. She chooses her ways of working, materials and styles so that they serve best their own special themes at the time. Her newest works are paintings but her productions also include a lot of mixed media art.
Literary art and visual expression have also played the central role in her performing productions.
The themes of the paintings include her emotions which are processed through the elements of nature. The newest works are views of how Kärkkäinen observes and senses the nature and transfers her feelings into the painting