Chong Hon Fatt, Dato'

Chong Hon Fatt artist. Born 1941 squareChong Hon Fatt, Dato’

Chong Hon Fatt was born in 1941 in Penang. He was commissioned to paint heritage buildings by two UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Kaiping and then Yongding, China. Local Kaiping Television network and International CCTV made a documentary about his painting at Kaiping. From 1965 to 2017, Chong Hon Fatt has held and participated over 60 solo and group exhibitions from 1965 to 2017. He held his Retrospective exhibition at Penang State Art Gallery in 2012.

Honours/ Awards

1988 | Art Master’ in the Art Camp 88 Penang
1989 | 1st prize, Selangor Art Competition
2001 | Major Award, China Watercolour Open Competition
2003 | Conducted 4 oil painting workshops at the inaugural WBDA Art-Fest, Auckland, New Zealand
2007 | Commissioned by Kaiping county government to paint Diaolou of Kaiping, Jiangmen and Guangdong, China
2008 | Commissioned by Yongding county government to paint Tulou of Yongding, Fujian, China

Selected Solo Exhibitions

1965 | Chin Kang Association, Penang
1997 | Chong Hon Fatt Solo Art Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery
2002 | China Scenes, Daiichi Modern Art Gallery, Kedah
2004 | Kuala Lumpur Cityscapes, NN Gallery Kuala Lumpur
2007 | The Fortified Tower Under Sun, Kai Ping State Art Gallery @ Pan Tower International Hotel, China
2008 | The Fortified Tower Under Sun, Jiangmen City Art Gallery, China
2012 | Chong Hon Fatt Retrospective, Penang State Art Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions

1997 | Pameran Lukisan Citarasa ’97-Malaysia Indah, Bank Negara, Kuala Lumpur
1997 | The Pioneering Spirit, National Art Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
1998 | 17th Japan Modern Art Association Exhibition, Osaka, Japan
2000 | International Peace Modern Art Exhibition of 2000, Nanjing City Museum, China
2002 | The Power of Art on the Mekong River, Bangkok, Thailand and Frankfurt, Germany
2003 | Art to Nature Phuket Krabi Phangnga, Bangkok and Phuket, Thailand
2004 | Malaysia Artists for New Expression of Asian Art Exhibition 2004, Tainan Taiwan
2005 | Malaysian, Chinese Art Exhibition, Donghua University, Shanghai, China