Ramli Samsuri

Ramli Samsuri Malaysian artist portrait photoRamli was born in 1969. He received Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2000. He is currently a Deputy Vice
President of the Angkatan Pelukis Kedah (Kedah Artists Association) as well as a School Inspector for Ministry of Education Malaysia. He does
many mural projects for school and he is a runner-up in 2019 Mural Competition from Semenyih Arts Culture Ville. He participated many
exhibitions across Malaysia.

Honours/ Awards

1988 | First Place Painting In conjunction with the Johor State Environment Day
| 3rd Place Painting State Terengganu Poster
2000 | 3rd place in Penang Painting Competition
1999 | Award Dean of the School of Art Studies USM
2001 | Selected Works in Labuan Art Festival Competition
2006 | First Place, Citra Terengganu Competition
2008 | Consolation, Terengganu Citra Competition
| 3rd Place, Kedah Teochew Association Watercolour Competition
2014 | 2nd Place UUM Open Competition
2017 | First place of Kedah Kuindah in Mixed Media category
| Consolation of Kedah Kuindah in Mixed Media category
| Selected work in Penang Open Competition
2018 | Consolation,“Bersih Pulau Pinang” Competition
2019 | Second Place, Mural/ Grafivity Competition, Eco Venture Park, Semenyih

Selected Solo and Group Exhibitions

1996-2015 | Kedah Open Exhibition, Kedah BSLN
1998 | Exhibition of USM, Penang
1999 | Amal Exhibition NN Gallery, Kuala Lumpur
| “Cetusan Rasa Perak” Exhibition
| Shah Alam Open Exhibition, Shah Alam Gallery
2013 | Malacca Heritage Exhibition
2014 | Malaysian Landscape Exhibition
| “Cetusan Rasa Perlis Exhibition
| Perlis To Machu Picchu Exhibition, Perlis’s Vision Hall
2015 | AMAL Exhibition at MATIC KL
| “Beruslensa Kedah” Exhibition, Kedah BSLN
| AMAL Exhibition “Kita Rasai Galeri Shah Alam”
| “Riak dan Bayang” Exhibition, Kedah Art Gallery
| Solo Exhibition “Bumi yang Kupijak” Hotel Darul Aman Kedah
2016 | National Level Teacher’s Day Exhibition
| International Art Biennale 2 Exhibition, Daiichi gallery
2017 | National Teacher’s Day Exhibition, National Art Gallery
| 40 Year APK Exhibition, National Art Gallery
| Penang Open Exhibition, Penang Museum
2018 | BERSIH 2018 Exhibition, Penang Art Gallery
| Perlis Art Contemporary Art Exhibition, Perlis State Library
2019 | Kedah Ekspress APK Open Exhibition, Kedah Art Gallery
| Exhibition ECHOES, Eco Venture Gallery Semenyih
Terengganu State Museum
Collection of Dato ‘Mohd Khair Ngadiron, ITBN
Collection of Dato ‘Tai Gallery of Daiichi Sungai Petani
Collection of Dr Samad Salleh, USM
Collection of Prof Ghouse Nasurdin.USM
Collection of Rahmat MEGA
Collection of YB Mahadir ADUN Sik