Gregory Pototsky

Gregory Pototsky Russian sculpture artist photoGregory Pototsky
Sculpture Artist Russia

• 1954 Born in Kurgan region
• 1977 The State Institute of Arts in Odessa
(Faculty of Sculpture)
• 1986 The Kishinev State University
(Historical Faculty), Honorary Academician of the Academy of Arts of Russia
• Associate Member of the International
Academy of Culture and Art, Member of the International Academy for the Integration of Science and Business, Academician of the International Academy of Informatization, Associate Member of the Pedagogical
Academy, Member of the International Union of Artists within UNESCO, Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, Since 1985 sculptor and painter participated in more than 100 personal Russian and
foreign exhibitions

Gregory has more than 135 monuments erected around the world: Russia (33), USA (13), Philippines (7), France (5), Mexico (6), China (6), Turkey (4), Japan (3), Malaysia (4), Macedonia (3), Germany (2), Bulgaria (3), Canada (2), Austria (2), Greece (2), Latvia (2), Spain (2), Luxembourg, Swiss, Romania, Hungary, India (2), Sri–Lanka, South Korea, Armenia, Nagorno–Karabakh, Nepal, Estonia, Republic of Serbia (2), Slovakia, Estonia, Ukraine, Ecuador and Jamaica.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

2019 ‘Pillars of the Hermitage Garden’, Moscow, Russia
2018 The Embassy of Armenia, Moscow, Russia–Geneva, Swiss
2016 Paintings and sculptures in Art Expo Malaysia
2015 ‘Bronze World’ in the Academy of Arts of Russia, Moscow
2014 Paintings and sculptures in Russian State Museum in St. Petersburg
2014 Russian Museum of Folk and Decorative Art in Moscow
2010 Paintings and Sculptures in Miami (U.S.A)
2009 Russian Cultural Centre in Washington (U.S.A)
2008 The Embassy of Moldavia, Moscow
2008 Montreal, Canada at the EXPO ART MONTREAL
2007 ‘Salon art du nu’, Paris, France
2007 UPDK, Moscow
2007 Cultural center “ROSLIN” in Moscow

Selected Group Exhibitions

2019 Daiichi Modern Art Gallery 20th Anniversary International Academic Art Exhibition, Malaysia
2019 Exhibition ‘CosMoscow’
2017 The National Gallery of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017 ‘The World of Felix Komarov’ in the Manege, Moscow
2013 ART EXPO New York
2010 ‘Portrait’s double life’ in Tretiakov Gallery in Moscow
2009 Exhibition at ART EXPO New York
2008 Exhibition at ART EXPO New York & Las–Vegas