Priyanka Mitra

India Priyanka Mitra photoBorn 1988, India
Priyanka Mitra,  New Delhi based artist from India, completed Bachelor in Fine Art (B.F.A) in painting from Delhi College of Art and Master’s in conservation of Works of Art from National Museum Institute of History of Art, Conservation and Museology. She also holds a second Masters in Fine Art (M.F.A) in Painting from Delhi College of Art.
She has been a part of various solo and group exhibitions in India and Abroad. Her works held exhibitions in many museums and galleries like Lalitkala Academy, National Academy of Art, New Delhi (2017 and 2019), Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai (2018 and 2019),Emami Art Gallery, Kolkata, Museum of Goa, Goa (2017), A4A Arts for All, New Delhi (2017). Most recently she got selected for 60th National Exhibition of Art, by Lalitkala Academy, at Sir J.J School of Art, Mumbai. She also participated in International Exhibitions in Malaysia and China. In 2018 received International Excellent Art Award in 3rd Malaysia Art Biennale.