Abd Rani Majid

Abd Rani Majid
Born 1959, Pahang, Malaysia.
Abd Rani Majid was born in Raub, Pahang, Malaysia in 1959. He started to produce works of art for exhibition since 1981. He studied printmaker at Curepipe, Mauritius. He held Several Exhibition in Malaysia, Thailand, Mauritius, Japan, Reunion Island (France), Paris (France), Bali, Indonesia, Hangzhou, Xitang, China, Calcutta (India). The works of Rani distinguish themselves by the great spontaneity, showered by the state of jubilation in which he restores in his canvas. The latest series must be seen, “Siri Unggas, Wayang Kulit” and Fantasy a taste from naivety to be contemporary-nurtured by sing and symbols, very particular to his country, Malaysia.

He participated in over 30 solo and group exhibitions in Pahang and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia since 1981 and over hundreds exhibition all over the world. All the achievements have given him the opportunity to bring more local artists together to participate in exhibitions at international level all over the world.

His awards include:
• Special Award from Reunion Island Mayor
• Received an award from DBKL Director for achievement and devotion to the country
• Received an award from Menteri Besar Pahang for achievement and devotion in art