Zou Ming 邹明

邹明 Zou Ming photoZou Ming 邹明
Born 1955, China

Born in Anhui in 1955, Zou Ming pursued his interest in art to become a graduate of the Department of Modeling Art in Wuxi Institute of Light Industry (now known as Jiangnan University) in 1983. Currently residing in Shenzhen, he is a professor and supervisor for Master’s degree students at the College of Art Design of Shenzhen University. Besides that, he assumes the role as an honorary professor at Repin Academy of Fine Arts in Russia. His activities in the art world include being a member of both the China Artists Association, and China Sculpture Institute; a guest painter at Nanjing Painting and Calligraphy Academy; a contract painter of Shenzhen Painting Academy; the deputy secretary of the Institute of Urban Ink Painting in China National Academy of Painting; and the deputy president of the China Traditional Painting Association (Shenzhen).

He has held many solo and joint exhibitions in China and other countries. For example, the National Art Exhibitions organised by China Artists Association. His accolades include winning a Bronze Award once and the Excellence Award thrice. He has also been presented with the European Art Award by the European Artists Union. His works have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, China National Academy of Painting, as well as by various art organisations and many art collectors in and outside of China.